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The Universal Fit Cabs are simple and user friendly… the tractor is used for a lot of different operations so the fact that the cab is lightweight and comes on and off is very valuable to us. We have a track record with Key Dollar Cab and having that familiarity with the past, we know we are going to get a quality product. ”

Jon Meador, Orchard Manager

Hillcrest Orchards, Medford, OR

“ The Universal Fit Key Dollar Cab works great… I like the low profile design and I can take it off the tractor whenever I need to. I use it pretty much exclusively during the spray season, then the cab comes off and I use the same tractor all the way through harvest. It’s just a much cleaner approach than wearing a spray suit. ”

Brad Pickering, Pear Grower

BTK Orchards, Parkdale, Or

“ I have had my Precision Fit Key Dollar Cab for over a year and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m beating it to death with limbs and had zero problems with it. The a/c works so well I usually have the fan speed on low. I would highly recommend it… the workmanship on the cab is second to none. ”

Rob Schuh, Almond Grower

Chowchilla, Ca

“ Our operator just loves our Precision Fit Key Dollar Cab… It’s quiet, the a/c works very well and he loves being able to get out of the cab after running it for 10 hours and not having any dirt on him. The cab is also quite durable… the nuts are tearing up our tractor but the cab comes through unscathed. ”

Harold Mason, Almond Grower

Corning, Ca

“ Operator comfort is so critical and with the Precision Fit Key Dollar Cab, it’s really superior to anything else out there. You can run it all day and get out and actually feel pretty good… It’s quiet and the air conditioning really keeps the cab cold. We are very happy it… In fact, we just bought our second one. ”

Almond Grower

San Joaquin Valley, Ca