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Universal Fit

This is our original series of a “one cab fits all,” removable orchard cab that has been in the market place since 1992. When properly fitted and maintained, these cabs provide drift protection during pesticide application and are considered by operators to be a major upgrade over the traditional spray suits commonly worn during spraying.  Time tested and farmer approved, these cabs are designed to have the absolute minimum impact on your orchard. These cabs have another feature that make them very popular: they are easily removable. After the initial installation, they can be either removed or reinstalled in under 15 minutes.




Narrow, Low Profile Design

The design of the Key Dollar Cab is among the lowest profile on the market. With our adjustable mounting hardware, your comfort level becomes the limiting factor regarding how low the cab height is.


Once installed, our cabs can easily be removed when it comes time to use your spray tractor for harvest.


With standard floor to cab skirts and a top air unit, the cab becomes a filtered, positive pressure environment that supplements your required personal protective equipment (PPE).

Built to Last

Our cabs are built to withstand years of abuse. Everything from the stainless steel door hinge to the Hehr windows are built to ensure your investment will be around for years to come.

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